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VICE | Yakuza and the Right-Wing

"Uyoku dantai" are Japanese nationalist right-wing groups of which there are over 1,000 in Japan with about 100,000 members in total. Well known for their black propaganda vans, they are often seen driving around staging protests with their loudspeakers outside the Chinese, Korean, and Russian embassies demanding ownership of the Senkaku and Kuril Islands to name a few. We caught up with our friend Masaya Kudo, a Right-Wing activist and leader of his own group "Nihon-no-Kai" as he explained his philosophies and concerns regarding the Right-Wing movement today and their ties to the Yakuza. Producers/Camera Operators: Sebastian Stein, Ty Demura Editor: Akira Kamitani Supervising Translator: Lena Oishi Translator: Luke Baker Executive Producers: Bingo Sato, Akiko Kurematsu Production Manager: Sebastian Stein Post Production Supervisor: Eiji Iwakawa Executive Producers: Eddy Morreti, Shane Smith, Suroosh Alvi Supervising Producer: Brendan Fitzgerald Special Thanks: Masaya Kudo, Hoyu Yamamoto, Yoshihisa Yamatomo, Michiya Nakahodo, Yuichi Tsukuda, Nihon no Kai, Dainippon Aikokuto, Dainihon Isseikai, Nihon Kokuseito Music: Jingle Punks

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