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VICE | Rising from the Tokyo Projects

We follow rappers Kohh and Mony Horse into the projects where they grew up, surrounded by drugs, violence, and death. After discovering a knack for music-making, the two rappers, alongside their manager 318 and their crew, make the best out of their situation by becoming the face of Hip Hop. This film helped launch the career of Kohh, arguably the most influential name in Japanese rap today. Media: Vice Media Director/Editor: Ty Demura Camera Operator: Anthony Knight, Jonah Schwartz, Nico Perez, Joseph George Editors: Tomoyuki Shiotani, Eiji Iwakawa Supervising Translator: Lena Oishi Translator: Kaori Kitagawa Executive Producers: Bingo Sato, Akiko Kurematsu Production Manager: Sebastian Stein Post Production Supervisor: Eiji Iwakawa Executive Producers: Eddy Morreti, Shane Smith, Suroosh Alvi Supervising Producer: David Laven Special Thanks: Dutch Montana, DJ Daddy Rock, Castle Records, Seeda, DJ Kenn, Riverside Mobb, Gunsmith Production, Zen La Rock Music: Gunsmith Production Archival Video: Gunsmith Production, DJ Ken Watanabe

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