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VICE | The Food and People of the Homi Projects

The Homi Projects are a massive housing complex consisting of 67 buildings located in Toyota City (where the car company got its name from) in Aichi Prefecture. Of the 7,000 residents who live there, approximately 3,000 of them are South American (mostly Brazilian and Peruvian), making it one of the most unique immigrant housing complexes in Japan. We follow acclaimed photographer Keisuke Nagoshi, who lived in the housing complex for over three years, on a tour through his old neighborhood as he catches up with various residents and indulges in the food they prepare. Director: Yuichi Abiko Host: Keisuke Nagoshi Editor: Ty Demura Translator: Omar Minami Camera Operator: Masato Miki Executive Producer: Bingo Sato Head of Content: Kentaro Kawaguchi Head of Production: Michinori Saigo Production Coordinators: Takuya Takada, Yuichi Abiko Channel Manager: Hideki Kobayashi Production Manager: Kentaro Suzuki Assistant Production Manager: Nojimi Arakawa Post Production Manager: Akira Kamitaki Post Production Coordinator: Kilala Otobe Executive Producers: Shane Smith, Eddy Moretti, Suroosh Alvi, Hosi Simon, Ciel Hunter, Sara Rodriguez VP, Post Production: Mike Daniels Director of Post Production: Veronica Mukhia Supervisor of Production: Lily Nguyen Music: Grupo Maracutaia, The People of Brazil, Jingle Punks, Audio Network Archival Materials: Nagoshi Keisuke, Toyota City Hall, Kenji Aiba, West Homi Special Thanks: Misawo Fujino, Commune Ltd., Yukio Takahashi, Rodrigo Suto

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