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VICE / The Grindmother Cometh

What happened when a 67-year-old Canadian woman picked up a mic and started screaming? The very brutal (and very viral) Grindmother was born. Grindmother likes to rage about the death of the environment, human suffering, the mounting population, and whatever else pisses her off. The blistering songs on the now-trio's new album, Age of Destruction, are all under a minute, and come packed with Grindmother’s demonic vocal shredding, skull-wrecking blast beats, and relentless stabs of pulverized guitar noise. VICE follows Grindmother around Tokyo for a day before their show in Shibuya. Director/Editor: Ty Demura Production Coordinator: Hideki Kobayashi Production Assistant: Masayuki Katsuno Director of Photography: Nobutaka Shirahama Camera Operators: Kentaro Suzuki, Noriko Oishi, Daisuke Oya, Yuko Matsumoto Executive Producer: Bingo Sato Head of Content: Kentaro Kawaguchi Head of Production: Michinori Saigo Production Coordinators: Takuya Takada, Yuichi Abiko Channel Manager: Hideki Kobayashi Production Manager: Kentaro Suzuki Post Production Manager: Akira Kamitaki Post Production Coordinator: Kohei Kuromiya Global Head of Content: Ciel Hunter Head of Development: Adri Murguia VP, Post Production: Mike Daniels Executive Producers: Sara Rodriguez, Alex Waterfield Supervising Producer: Olivia Gattuso Production Manager: Sergio Noreiga Music: The Grindmother, Audio Network Archival Materials: The Grindmother

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