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Leah Dou / GSG

To promote Leah Dou’s latest music release, we produced the music video for the title track “GSG” by collaborating with with web comic artist and director James Gamsu Jenkins to create a psychedelic journey of self discovery. We also created the album artwork, merch, social posts and two other music videos ("Orange" and "Cats") from the album, each with their own eclectic style. Agency: Wieden + Kennedy Executive Creative Director: Scott Dungate Managing Director: Ryan Fisher Head of Production: Kerli Teo Art Director: Chaeyeong Seo Designer: Donna Kwon Producer: Ty Demura Communications Planning Director: Justin Lam Account Supervisor: Mai Ebine Account Executive: Asako Takahashi Production: Strange Beast Executive Producer: Kitty Turley Producer: Amy Ashton Director: Alex Gamsu Jenkins Lead Animator: Carlos De Faria Animators: Tim Divall, Michelle Ku, Alex Gamsu Jenkins Animation Assistants: Inga Ziemele, Diana Garcia, Saffron Mackie, Sorrel Milne, Martha Halliday Compositor: Fred Parodi Music: Katie Chan Productions Co. Ltd., Grey Waters Ltd. Artist: Leah Dou Managing Director: Katie Chan Project Director: Nikki Lam Senior Project Manager: Angela Wong Project Manager: Jennifer Lau Project Consultant: Fran Chan

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