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HP Omen / We Don't Care

This HP OMEN campaign shines a light on social and income inequalities of South Korea. OMEN doesn't care about who your family is, what school you went to, what you look like or how much money you have because none of it has to do with your gaming skills. In the world of PC gaming, “define who you are by your skills.” Agency: Wieden + Kennedy Executive Creative Director: Scott Dungate Creative Director: Steve Nakamura Copywriter: Sohyun An Art Director: Sol Oh Strategic Planning Director: Thijs van de Wouw Communications Planning Director: Justin Lam Strategic Planner: Rudy Jean-Francois Head of Production: Kerli Teo Agency Producer: Ty Demura Account Director: Anthony Matsuo Account Supervisor: Karen Peng Managing Director: Yosuke Suzuki Studio Manager: Aiwei Ichikawa Agency Editors: Jacob Kim, Vinod Vijayasankaran PR: Midori Sugama Production: Sketched, Keep Us Weird Executive Producer: Aaron Younglae Cho, Seungwhan Lee Director/Editor: Nuri Jeong (COSMO) Assistant Director: Hanwool Jung (COSMO) Director of Photography: Chihoon Ihm/ Giung Seo Producer: Nam Cho, Chae Lee Production Assistant: Gawon Kim, Sohee Heo, Jihoon Lee, Seoyun Lee, Soogeon Park Production Design/Props: Soyoung Lee Offline Editors: Eiji Iwakawa Post VFX: Record Colorist: Hyewon Kwak (LUCID COLOUR) Stylist: Ipsae Lee Hair & Make-up: JeeHyun Kim Gaffer: Youngshin Ha 1st AC: Giung Seo, Chihoon Ihm 2nd AC: Minhyuk Hong Driver: Sung Kim Mixing and Mastering: Hanjoo Kim KV Photographer/Video: Dongwoo Gang Design: Ted Yoon

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