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HP Omen / Moving Forward

Gaming on consoles is nice but it has limitations when we take our sessions online. The world of gaming is rapidly advancing, as are gamers’ needs for faster communication, smoother gameplay, more flexibility and more intuitive interactions. And this is exactly what OMEN PCs are designed to offer. True to NYC director duo, BRTHR’s high-energy style, we created a full CG city populated with a variety of characters to illustrate a virtual world that's accessible only to PC gamers. Agency: Wieden + Kennedy Executive Creative Director: Scott Dungate Creative Director: Steve Nakamura Art Director: Kazuhi Yoshikawa Copywriter: Asami Yamashita Senior Producer: Kosuke Sasaki Producer: Ty Demura Brand Management: Naomi Hirano, Anthony Matsuo, Ara Jo, Karen Peng Strategic Planners: Rudy jean Francois, Kai Lambert Translator: Takuro Kobayashi Production: Serial Pictures Director: BRTHR Executive Producer: Sara Greco Producer: Joshua Goldstein Post Executive Producers: Tomo Sueda (Japan), Jamie Loudon (Shanghai) VFX Producer: Chris Li Colorist: Nikola Stefanović Color Producer: S

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