Kohh ー Rising From the Tokyo Projects 
 団地発!東京のアングラ ヒップホップ 

東京都は北区王子。隅田川沿いの団地に拠点を置くヒップホップクルー、リバーサイド・モブ。ここに所属する若きラッパーのKOHHが近ごろ注目を集める。父は亡くし、母は薬物中毒。絶望とも言える環境下、KOHHは異父兄弟の弟、LIL KOHHと共に団地で育った。

2人はフザケ半分でLIL KOHHのミュージックビデオ「Young Forever」を制作。それをYouTubeで公開すると、予想以上の反響があったという。その後もKOHHは音楽プロデューサー、318と勢力的に活動。アンダーグラウンドのヒップホップシーンを盛り上げてきた。


KOHH YELLOW T20 の Twitter はコチラ:@kohh_t20

In Japan, rap music continues to grow as new rappers and producers emerge almost every day. Japan has emulated this American subculture like a science - from fashion to slang, to the grills, blunts and hoes we see today. Representing one's turf, or 'projects' is also apparent as rappers are beginning to form crews in their danchi, or public housing projects all throughout Japan. Although danchi housing can often be occupied by middle-class residents, most of Japan's low-income households end up living there due to cheaper rent, thus they are generally known as slums.

Up and coming rappers Kohh Yellow T20 and his partner-in-crime, Mony Horse are two rappers who fulfill the image of your average street rapper. They come from broken households, and were raised in Tokyo's housing projects, often surrounded by drugs and violence. VICE heads to the Tokyo suburb of Kita Ward and investigates the living conditions of these projects and how the pair are trying to succeed through rap music.