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Camera Operator

i-D: “Dior Men Tokyo” (2018) 
VICE: “African Kung Fu Nazis – Behind the Scenes” (2018) 
VICE: "Shoot to Eat" (2018) 
VICE: “The Bandmen – The Sound of Sapporo” (2018) 
VICE: “Speak Up – Jun Sato” (2018) 
VICE: "How to Rent Friends” (2018) 
VICE: “Bombs Away – A Portrait of a Right-Wing Millennial” (2018)
AbemaTV x VICE: “Porn Directors” Ep. 1 (2017) 
AbemaTV x VICE: “Porn Directors” Ep. 2 (2017) 
AbemaTV x VICE: “Porn Directors” Ep. 3 (2017) 
VICE: “How to Escape a Missile Attack” (2017) 

Kusama Yayoi Museum (2017)

VICELAND: "Underground Fighting - BLACK MARKET: DISPATCHES" (2016)

VICE: "The VICE Japan Guide to Parties: Lightning Dash" (2016)

VICE: “Offstrings” Ep. 1 (2016) 
VICE: “Offstrings” Ep. 2 (2016) 
VICE: “Offstrings” Ep. 3 (2016) 
VICE: “Offstrings” Ep. 4 (2016) 
VICE: “Giang's Profession” (2016) 
VICE: “Tokyo Diamond Syndicate” (2015) 
VICE: “Do the Muscle” Ep. 0 (2015) 
VICE: “Do the Muscle” Ep. 1 (2015) 
Red Bull x VICE: "Thre3style World DJ Championships" (2015) 
Rémy Martin x VICE: “Que Sera Sera” – Ep. 2 (2015) 
Rémy Martin x VICE: “Que Sera Sera” – Ep. 3 (2015) 
VICE: “Gokudo Ep.2: Yakuza Showbiz” (2014) 
VICE: “Gokudo Ep.3: The Prodigal Patriot” (2014) 
VICE: “Booze, Cars and Mullets: Okinawa's Insane Coming of Age Party” (2014) 
VICE: “The King of Hosts” (2014) 
VICE: “The Crazy World of Host Fighting” (2014) 
VICE: “The Master Hustler” (2014) 
VICE: “The Best of Their Breed” (2014) 
VICE: “Illegal Street Racers in Okinawa” 2014 
VICE: “High-Class Hostess” (2014) 
VICE: “The Homeliest Homeless” (2014) 
VICE: “A Japanese Neo-Nazi” (2014)  
VICE: “Escaping Japan's Death Row” (2014) 
UFC x VICE: “Japan's Karate Kid: Kyoji Horiguchi” (2014) 
UFC x VICE: “Appetite for Strength: The Rebirth of Japanese MMA” (2014) 
UFC x VICE: “UFC Fight Night: Mark Hunt vs. Roy Nelson” (2014) 
UFC x VICE: “Yesterday's Heroes, Tomorrow's Legends” (2014) 
UFC x VICE: “Land of the Rising Stars” (2014) 
UFC x VICE: “Road to the Future : Strength & Beauty” (2014) 
VICE: “Underground Fighters of Japan” (2013) 
VICE: “Gokudo Ep.1: The Right-Wing Connection” (2013) 
VICE: “Fightland Ep.1: A New Era” (2013) 
VICE: “8-Fingered Kenbo & His Yakuza Tunes” (2014)

English Translation/Subtitles

lute x Red Bull “fancyHIM Documentary: Beyond Words|“ジェンダーレス” カルチャーの最前線” (2019)

PUNPEE: "タイムマシーンにのって" (Official Music Video) (2018)

Post-Production/Production Assistant

Mikimoto “Feel the Pearl” (2018)


VICE Editorial: “Letters From Prison” Pt. 1 (2018)
VICE Editorial: “Letters From Prison” Pt. 2 (2018)
VICE Editorial: “Letters From Prison” Pt. 3 (2018)


Libertin DUNE Editorial: “"As Above, So Below" Part 1 (2018)
Libertin DUNE Editorial: “"As Above, So Below" Part 2 (2018)


VICE Editorial: “Mayhem in Shibuya – Halloween 2018” (2018)
VICE Editorial: “Evil (band)” (2018)
VICE Editorial: “Kiichi Beer (band)” (2018)




“There’s a never-ending ocean of techniques out there.”

Joe Rogan



1986年 東京都府中市 出身。エバーグリーン大学映像学部卒業。
2013年にVICE JAPAN所属し、現在もドキュメンタリー、プロモーション映像、社内コンテンツ、イベント記憶動画などの演出を軸に企画・撮影・編集等、幅広く手がける。

Throughout my career, I’ve had the great fortune to work on some truly inspiring projects, while meeting many influential and creative individuals along the way. I believe in working together to create a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.

I've lived in both Japan and the United States for several years, and am native in both languages. Being bilingual and bicultural has provided me with the ability to communicate clearly among clients and production crews, which is becoming an increasingly critical factor in delivering quality work due to the growing presence of international collaborators in the field of video production. I have an extensive background in all of the main aspects of production (producing, directing, editing and filming), which allows me to view a project in it's entirety. I believe this has a great effect on the quality and smooth delivery of any given project.

For more information about my experience, portfolio or how we can collaborate on an upcoming project, get in touch today.


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