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Japan's entrance exams are notoriously difficult. In the years leading up to college, kids may study an extra 7.5 hours on top of the school day, often attending "cram schools" (juku). Being glued to their desks studying doesn't just take a toll on their physical health but on their mental and emotional state as well. But multiple studies show that short bursts of physical activity can directly affect academic performance. So we created Nike Juku, a program aiming to help students refresh their brains through short, simple study breaks where they get their bodies moving. The Japanese power group ATARASHII GAKKO! embodied the vibe we were looking for. We collaborated with them on their single "Woo! Go!" Agency: Wieden + Kennedy Creative Director: Curro de la Villa Senior Copywriter: Nedal Ahmed, Yumiko Ota Senior Art Director: Kazuhi Yoshikawa Lead Producer: Kosuke Sasaki Account Director: Jordan Cappadocia Account Supervisors: Chelsea Hayashi, Kaede Ose Account Executive: Ryu Kaida Producers: Ty Demura, Yoko Onodera Comms Planning Director: Justin Lam Comms Planner: Joanna Fukae Strategic Planning Director: Thijs van de Wouw Strategic Planner: Rina Deguchi Studio Designers: Akane Yasuda, Shotaro Tomiyama Studio Manager: Aiwei Ichikawa Agency Editor: Vinod Vijayasankaran PR: Midori Sugama Translator: Mako Tomita Executive Creative Director: Scott Dungate Managing Director: Yosuke Suzuki Prouction: AOI Pro. Director: Mackenzie Sheppard Producer: Daisuke Misu Director of Photography: Mikul Eriksson Line Producer: Anna Liu/ Sumire Matsumura Production Manager: Kazuki Omi/ Kanako Sato Assistant Directors: Hideaki Jimbo, Kai Hoshino Sandy Production Designer: Masami Tanaka Casting Director (for Atarashii Gakko!): Shohei Ueno Casting Directors: Mai Ikeda, Misaki Matsui, Rikiya Takano Lighting Director: Arata Ijichi Stylist: Yoppy Hair & Make up: Phoebe Post Editor: Sachi Sasaki Assistant editor: Tomonori Watanabe Sound Designer: Mike Regan Sound Mixers: Yoshizaki Masaaki, Hiroki Okumura Colorists: Mikey Rossiter, Haruka Okutsu Film Transfer: Metropolis Post Compositors: Murata Chitoshi, Yamaguchi Sakiyo FX Artist: Naomi Hayashi Animation: Takashi Ohashi Stills Photographer: Masumi Ishida Assistant Photographer: Ryuji Tamaki Retoucher: Takuya Tsugane Awards CICLOPE Asia 2022: DIRECTION - OVER 180 SECONDS: Winner Berlin Commercial Awards 2022 - CASTING: Winner Spikes Asia 2023 - DIRECTION: Gold CICLOPE Festival 2022:Production - CHOREOGRAPHY: Silver


It’s official. Breakdancing is coming to the Olympics. Officially named “breaking” by the IOC, the sport will be part of the 2024 Summer Games in Paris. Breakdancers Ami and Shigekix are among the best in the world. This film is a celebration of their skills before we see them embark on their Road to Paris by competing at the 2022 Breaking World Championships in Seoul. This film showcases our dancers by thinking differently about dancing. We felt that merging existing footage of the dancers and processing it with AI generated images could provide the visual power and unpredictable beauty to the message that we wanted to deliver. We linked with Harald Schaack at Grotesk to produce these mind-blowing AI generated images using Stable Diffusion. Agency: Wieden + Kennedy Creative Director: Curro de la Villa Art Director: Shohei Kawada Copywriter: Yumiko Ota Head of Production: Michelle Brough Producer/Offline Editor: Ty Demura Brand management: Jordan Cappadocia, Chelsea Hayashi, Ryu Kaida Online Editor: Vinod Vijayasankaran Executive Creative Director: Scott Dungate Managing Director: Yosuke Suzuki


Kawasaki is home to large petroleum complexes, steel mills, freight railroads and other factories making it the most air polluted area in the country. It's also home to a rap crew called Bad Hop, essentially the Wu-Tang of Japan. This film launched the group into the stratosphere and to this day, they are one of the biggest names in Hip Hop. Media: Vice Media Director/Editor: Ty Demura Camera Operators: Sebastian Stein, Jonah Schwartz, Nobutaka Shirahama, Keivan Salehpour, Anthony Knight Production Assistants: Ian Marshall, Kilala Otobe Fixer: Ghetto Hollywood Translator: Luke Baker Executive Producer: Bingo Sato Head of Content: Kentaro Kawaguchi Production Managers: Michinori Saigo, Takuya Takada Executive Producers: Eddy Morreti, Shane Smith, Suroosh Alvi, Jim Czarnecki, Hosi Simon, Alex Miller Music: Bad Hop, DL Murray, Crowned Crow Productions, Jingle Punks Archival Materials: Bad Hop Special Thanks: New Joke, Solomon I&I Production, Zeebra, Mr. Maro, Soushi Matsukura